Niantic, Connecticut

Nature Happenings

  • Full Moon - September 6th
  • September 22nd:  Autumnal Equinox - almost equal amounts of day and night
  • New Moon - September 20th
  • Baltimore Orioles, Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers and Indigo Buntings depart. 
  • Fall colors peak this month.
  • Moose mating season, now through October.
  • New England Aster flowers and lasts through October.
  • Baccharis (Groundsel, Salt Bush) can be seen in bloom now through early winter.
  • Clematis and Elsholtzia (mint bush) bloom until late October.
  • First killer frost could occur this month.
  • Fall warbler migration peaks this month.
  • Monarch Butterfly migration peaks this month.
  • Watch for Green Darner Dragonflies migrating south.
  • Look for Wooley Bear caterpillars moving across sun-warmed pavement.
  • First juncos and White-throated Sparrows can appear by the end of this month.