Stop The Bears! Feed Your Birds!   

The Aerial Feeding Station with a Guard is effective in keeping the bears away from your feeders thus allowing you to continue to enjoy feeding your birds.

This station will raise your feeders above a bear's reach. This complete, easy to assemble Aerial Feeding Station is mounted on a 2" square 14' aluminum pole. You can hang or mount a variety of your favorite feeders onto this recycled plastic hub, aluminum angle with 3/8" stainless steel arms. The assembled hub slides up and down using a winch with stainless steel cable. 

The guard is designed to protect your Aerial Feeding Station from squirrels and raccoons. It's 11" diameter 24" long aluminum guard attaches to the bottom of your stations hub and will raise and lower with your feeders.

Installation of the station is a step by step process. A steel ground stake (1 1/2" square) is cemented into the ground by digging a 9" diameter hole that is 36" deep. These dimensions will require 2 or more bags of dry cement mix, available at a local building store. The 2" square 14' aluminum pole will slide over the ground stake and rest on the cement. All of the hardware is included.

Hilltop Specialties stands behind all of the products they make. The Aerial Feeding Station must be installed following the instructions that are provided. Should a bear cause damage to the Aerial Feeding Station, Hilltop Specialties will replace the damaged parts if installed properly.

Interested? Stop in the store to see our store display. Prepay for the AFS with Guard and we'll have it shipped directly to your house.