Binocular Department

The Best Selection of Mid-Priced and High-End Binoculars in southeastern Connecticut.

To choose the binoculars that are right for you, you need to try them, to hold them, and to look through them.

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Our Binocular Line-up

42mm objective lens
8x - 10x magnification                     
An 8x42 binocular remains the most versatile all-purpose optical instrument for birding. The larger objective lens will provide the sharpest and brightest image. Full size binoculars will generally be a little larger and heavier.

MID SIZED BINOCULARS                                           
30 - 36mm objective lens
8x - 9x magnification                                 
8x binoculars work well in a variety of situations. Mid sized binoculars have small objective lens, but will still provide a nice, bright image. They will generally be smaller in size and weigh less than full-size binoculars.

25 - 28mm objective lens
8x - 10x magnification
Advances in technology have upgraded the performance of today's compacts. With increased glass quality and improved optical coatings, newer compacts will deliver a bright, sharp view under normal daytime conditions. Having a compact to carry in your pocket will guarantee you are never caught without binoculars for unexpected nature encounters.

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If your current optics are 10+ years old, you'll be amazed at how far optics have come.
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