Lyme Land Conservation Trust


The Lyme Land Conservation Trust, Inc. was founded in 1966 to help conserve Lyme’s natural, scenic and historic land and water resources. Fifty years later they are stronger than ever with a dedicated volunteer board, staff members and countless volunteers that answer the call to help out. Together they maintain trails and lease agricultural lands; acquire and manage properties; promote scientific study of natural resources; and host educational events open to the public–all helping to enhance the quality of life in the community. They often partner with the Town of Lyme and other conservation groups in their mission.

Their mission is to conserve in perpetuity for the public benefit Lyme’s natural, scenic and historic land and water resources by: acquiring and stewarding real properties and conservation easements; supporting open space acquisition by third parties; facilitating scientific study and management of our resources; and educating the community regarding the natural world and the benefits of conservation.

There are many preserves under the Lyme Land Conservation Trust.  For more information, click here.