Connecticut College Aboretum


The Connecticut College Arboretum is owned by Connecticut College and operated for the benefit of the College and the community. The Arboretum functions in support of the College's mission by helping to prepare people for a lifetime of learning about and interacting with the natural world. The mission of the Connecticut College Arboretum is:

To provide outdoor teaching, laboratory and performance space for use by faculty and students in all College departments and programs. In both teaching and research, the Arboretum is a unique and valuable academic resource and support facility.

To support and conduct research in a broad range of subjects, including ecology, field biology, geology, conservation, archeology, cultural and natural history, land management and others. Arboretum research emphasizes long-term studies.

To provide stewardship of the College lands by protecting, sustaining, and enhancing biological diversity by means of large tracts of open space. The Arboretum also provides leadership statewide and beyond in conservation matters.

To maintain, develop, and interpret well-documented plant collections for teaching, research, public and professional education and enjoyment.

Stewardship of Cultural Resources
To provide stewardship of cultural resources on College lands by protecting, studying, and interpreting archaeological and heritage sites.

Public Education
To provide programs and publications about conservation, horticulture, gardening, botany and natural history that enhance people’s understanding of the natural world and foster an understanding of the Arboretum’s mission.

To provide a place where people from the College and the community may enjoy passive recreation and where they may come to learn, reflect, and renew themselves through contact with the natural world. The Arboretum enhances the quality of life for the constituents of the College and the citizens of southeastern Connecticut.

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